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Common Shark Vacuum Cleaner Problems: (Shark Navigator, Lift-Away, Rocket & Rotator)

  1. Filter clogged with fine dust and pet hair.
  2. Brush stops spinning agitator not moving; Need a Shark Vacuum Belt?
  3. Clutch makes loud noise/grinding noise
  4. Whistling noise from filters
  5. Shark Vacuums turn off due to over heating
  6. Canister bin assembly breaks/clip broken on canister
  7. Shark geared belt broken on Shark Navigator, Lift-Away & Rotator models.
  8. Suction works at handle but not on the floor piece.
  9. Clogs due to pet hair build up on most Shark upright vacuums.
  10. Motor overheating due to a clog causing machine to turn off during usage.
  11. Loud noise caused by the roller on models Shark Navigator, Lift-Away & Rotator due to obstructions in brush roller.
  12. Vacuum stops standing upright properly on Shark Rocket Models.
  13. Suction on Shark vacuum works on attachments but not at head assembly or brush roller.
  14. Vacuum cleaner becomes hard to push Shark Navigator, Lift-Away & Rotator models.

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